Galvo’s Scanner for “Technique for Solution Page” has been released

We have released the Galvo’s Scanner for “Technique for Solution Page” as the third issue! We chose galvanometer scanner as the first subject of Technique for Solution Page and will post the important points of how to select it.


We would like to dedicate this page to:


●Those who will deal with galvanometer scanners near the future

●Those who are uncertain about model selection

●Those who want to acquire basic knowledge of galvanometer scanner


So far, there have been information on what a galvanometer scanner is, but we think there were not many practical information on the points for actually introducing and selecting a galvanometer scanner.


We hope this will help you and please read it from the link below.


We are planning to expand this Technique for Solution Page by adding driver’s page as the next issue. Since this is a first challenge for us, we would appreciate it if you let us know any opinions and questions about our products from “Contact Page” on this website.

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