Medical and industrial Sterilizable Brushless Motors
Through Autoclave

About Autoclave Sterilization

Autoclave sterilization is a method to sterilize and keep clean from insanitary surgical instruments or medical equipment through high temperature, humidity, and pressure.

This autoclave conditions are also required to the electrical parts inside medical equipment, and we are here to introduce our new product with improved durability “Autoclavable Brushless Motors”.


  • Surgical Power Tools Drills, saws, and shavers used for surgery and ENT.

  • Dental Handpieces Tooth drill for dental treatment.

  • Downflow Masks To protect healthcare personnel from the virus in infected area.

  • Handpieces for Art Makeup For cosmetic applications that draw pigment in very shallow areas of the skin, such as eyebrows, lips, and eyelids, and is getting attention in the medical and cosmetic fields year by year.


Autoclave cycle: More than 1,000 times
Speed up to 65,300 rpm

Autoclave sterilization compatibility reduces waste material and improves sanitary safety.

< Autoclave sterilization Conditions >

  • Tempreture:135℃
  • Air pressure: 2.1 bar (Gauge pressure)
  • Humidity: 100%
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Before these Autoclavable motors were developed, surgical equipment was disposed since motors itself could not stand in a hard condition of sterilizations. However, recent technology enabled to put whole surgical equipment in an autoclave.

We provide comfortable and smooth rotation motors for all practitioner and patient by reducing heat and vibration.

< Development Guidelines >

■Low vibration ■Quiet operation  ■High-speed rotation

  • Low heat and vibration enables comfortable treatment.
  • Discomfort treatment for patient and practitioner by cutting excessive noise.
  • Ideal surgical equipment is now here by high performance motor.

< Motor specification >

 ■Low heat generation
For autoclavable motors, we adopted extremely thin high-Si electrical steel sheet.
This feature reduces iron loss and thus prevents heat generation. By less concern in current increase, practitioner will be able to obtain powerful torque.


Outline Drawing

■φ16 : RatedSpeed 66.9[W] Rated Output 66,350[rpm] Output Torque 9.6[mN・m]

■φ22 : RatedSpeed 102[W] Rated Output 53,190[rpm] Output Torque 18.3[mN・m]

■φ30 : RatedSpeed 66.6[W] Rated Output 15,600[rpm] Output Torque 40.8[mN・m]

■φ34 : RatedSpeed 68.3[W] Rated Output 16,000[rpm] Output Torque 40.8[mN・m]