Privacy Policy

1. Obtaining of personal information

Our company will only receive personal information through proper methods, and will notify customers or publically reveal the objective of use in the event said objectives of use are not perfectly clear.

2. Objectives of use

Our company will only use the personal information provided to us strictly within the scope required to achieve the following objectives of use.

Excluding cases where the principal agrees in advance or the objective is approved by law, said information shall not be used outside of these objectives of use.

<Objectives of use>

  • (1)To provide response for guidance, sales, provision, or inquiries regarding company products or services.
  • (2)To perform provision or collection of information regarding company products or services.
  • (3)To provide guidance regarding exhibitions, seminars, and other events or functions held by our company.
  • (4)To execute concluded contracts.
  • (5)To create internal materials necessary for administrative management or drafting of business plans.
  • (6)To submit reports and any and all other documents stipulated by law to public offices.
  • (7)To maintain a favorable business relationship with clients such as sending of greetings.
  • (8)To perform selection of applicants as it pertains to applicants for potential positions of employment within our company.

3. Disclosure to third parties

Excluding the following cases, our company will not disclose personal information provided to third parties.

  • (1)Agreement given by principal
  • (2)When business is partially or entirely outsourced within the scope of the objectives of use
  • (3)When performed based on legal requirements or when it is specifically allowed by law

4. Management of personal information

Our company will strive to maintain the accuracy and recency of personal information provided, as well as the safe management thereof.

5. Contact Information

Please direct any inquiries regarding personal information provided through the information provided below.

Contact Information Citizen Chiba Precision Co., Ltd. Sales Department
TEL: +81-47-458-7935
FAX: +81-47-458-7962
Address 1811-3 Yoshihashi, Yachiyo, Chiba 276-0047 Japan



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