Examples of Application

Future Image of our Miniaturized Precision Motors

Examples of the Application of Citizen Chiba Precision Motors

Exposure Devices

  • Can be used as countermeasures against vacuum or generated gas for high precision optical element positioning motors in semiconductors and liquid crystal exposure devices.
  • Citizen linear actuators are used for posture control of optical projection system lenses used in liquid crystal exposure devices.
  • Lenses are scanned according to the uneven areas present at the plate stage.
  • Our linear actuators carry high added value as they allow precise positioning in specialized environments.
  • Structure (amount of gas generated, composition of gas generated, generated heat) is compatible with high pressure vacuums (10-6Pa).
  • Body size is 100mm long and 60mm in diameter. Can perform positioning at micrometer order levels under loads up to 50kg.
  • Highly reliable composition comprised of brushless motor, ball screw with ball spline, non-backlash planetary gear and resolver.
  • Contains frictionless magnetic operation type brake which allows support of up to 50kg even when the power is off.

Electron Microscope

  • Ultra-high voltage electron microscope with accelerating voltage of 1,300kV (1,000kV) realized via achievement of the highest resolution worldwide (0.10nm spot).
  • When the accelerating voltage is high, the wavelength of electrons becomes short and the resolution can be enhanced.
  • It is used at research laboratories and universities of national institutions around the world for research on advanced science such as biomedicine and material development.
  • It is the feed motor of the stage on which the specimen is mounted. Together with the servo driver, the position resolution of 1 nm has been realized.
  • It is also installed in Japan’s largest electron microscope (Industrial Technology Research Institute).

Transport System for Semiconductor Factories

  • We are adopting for track switching of carrier cars and wafer grasping.

Laser Marker

  • Galvanometer scanner is a motor that oscillates (does not rotate) at a limited angle. High resolution positioning of the mirror attached to the output shaft is possible.

Heteromorphic Mirror Galvanometer Optical Scanner

  • We also have experienced mirror scans of various sizes for image processing.

Turbo Molecular Pump

  • Turbo Molecular Pump (Turbo Molecular Pump; TMP) is a type of mechanical vacuum pump in which a rotor, which is a rotating body with metallic turbine blades, rotates at high speed and gases are flicked by flushing gas molecules It is a pump to exhaust.
  • It rotates at high speed (30000 to 40000 rpm). Strength that does not cause centrifugal breakdown is required even if it rotates at high speed.
  • In addition, because it can not expect heat conduction by air, it is a built-in type high-speed brushless motor molded with a molding agent with high thermal conductivity.

Spindle Motor for machining

  • Spindle motor for attaching small diameter drill and end mill and machining with high speed rotation
  • High output with diameter φ 28 and small diameter but 40000 rpm 250 W.
  • Its structure allows direct air cooling of the motor interior, which allows high output to be achieved.
  • The motor used is a VELOMAX type brushless motor.

Processing Machine for Denture

  • False teeth are automatically processed using data on the patient’s teeth obtained via 3D camera. This shortens the time required for treatment.
  • This dental prosthesis processor motor can be waterproofed.

Handpiece for Nail Art

  • This handheld device is used to polish nails.
  • This device requires high torque and revolutions at high speeds (up to 40,000RPM).
  • This device makes use of the high strength coreless coils which are a signature of Citizen Chiba Precision.

Robot Motors

  • The power weight ratio is increased for robot weight reduction.
  • Each gear, motor, and encoder are designed to be thin.

Optical Disk-Related Products

  • This motor attaches to the optical disk via suction to perform revolutions. Accuracy of revolution speed and high mechanical precision (RRO, NRRO) are required. Many of the motors used by initialization or inspection devices in this industry are produced by our company.
  • Optical disk initialization device: bombards recording film of phase-change type recording media such as CDs, DVDs, and BDs with lasers to swiftly crystallize the entire recording area of these disks.
  • BCA code recording device: records BCA (Burst Cutting Area) onto DVD and BD disks to control copying.


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