We believe environmental issues to be a problem shared by all of humanity, and see environmental protection as one of the vital tenets of our business activities in fulfilling our social responsibility as a company.Toward this end, we will hold ourselves responsible via our environmental policy to make company-wide efforts toward environmental conservation within a relationship of mutual trust with the local society. We hope this will leave the splendors of nature for the next generation to enjoy as well.


In order to provide our customers with products that have minimal environmental impact, we obtained ISO14001 certification in January 2006. We also have obtained the cooperation of our clients in advancing efforts toward conservation through the types of materials, parts, and other components procured.The situation regarding environmental impact management grow ever more stringent by the day, from EU regulations regarding heavy metals to stricter procurement standards from our customers.


To ensure we can stay ahead of such changes, we have been promoting efforts toward preparing an internal environmental impact management framework.We wish to further improve the enforcement of our efforts toward environmental conservation in conjunction with our customers.


Contribution to our Community

We actively participate to our community service activities including this Shin-Kawa River Clean Up under the beautiful cherry blossom trees every spring.

Business Internship / Students Work Place Experience

We accept students regardless of whether they are in or out of the country as an internship or local middle school’s work place experience activity.

Blood Donation

We participate to blood donation activity among Japanese Red Cross Society every quarter.

ISO Certification
We strive to maintain two ISO Certifications.
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