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CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION was established in Chiba, Japan, in August 23, 1979. Since then, we have been sending our new products to the global markets as the experts of miniaturized precision motors and customized products which fulfill our customers’ various requirements. They have been widely used in cutting-edge technology applications such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, and laser application products.


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Our Basic Principle is
“Connect, Learn, Utilize”

For more than forty years, our accumulated research and development experience has been consolidated on our unique motors and servo technologies, and the extensive manufacturing experience has been improving the quality. Our mission is to provide additional values and competitive strengths to our customers’ products and services by integrating our knowledge, support and technology.

Our basic principle is “Connect/Learn/Utilize”. We will stay closely connected with our customers around the world, learn their requirements, and utilize our advanced technical capabilities to take on challenges. Then we will use these new experience and technology we have gained for further improvements of our products and quality.

We will strive to enhance our skills and capabilities to create added value and business growth for our customers and continue to contribute to further development for the world’s brighter future.

To the Origin of “MONOZUKURI” Design


MONOZUKURI stands for “manufacturing” in Japanese but we use it in a broader sense. When we are manufacturing our products, we believe this word includes searching new development methods, incorporating better service, and injecting “additional value” to each product. And also, MONOZUKURI means not only making “things” but also nurturing “people” who make them. Therefore, we cherish the word “manufacturing is human resource development.”

Find Creative Solution
by Customization


The reason why our products are required in a wide range of field is because we have strengths not only in general-purpose products but also in customized products that meet the individual needs of our customers.

Since our production plant is adjacent to the head office, our engineers are at the core of the project and work with our customer on all manufacturing processes from specification design, making prototype, and start-up. And also, our engineers are actively making proposals to our customers because we can reflect our ideas in the product specifications without omission.

The inquiries and technical levels we receive from our customers are increasing year by year, but we have the technical capabilities to always respond to each and every request. We also accept consultations other than technical aspects for our head office also has Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Sales Departments besides R&D.

If there is anything we can help you with our products, please feel free to contact us.


Build Something Brilliant

The precision we pursue is submicron. Our products are used in equipment that requires extremely precise and sensitive control, such as robot arms, semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment, and medical devices. They are also used as a core component of cutting-edge equipment like robotic exoskeletons. Maybe some of you would imagine us as a company filled with nervous Japanese people but it is not in reality.

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Quality Begins with People

Our company is always filled with smiles. There are employees who are not just work execution machines and our company is supported by the immense power of those people. Even if there are weak points in the “technology” and “management” that the company has, it is the “people” who can make up for them and create brilliant things that are beyond our imagination.

Our quality is supported by an environment that respects human beings and allows us to move forward together in a win-win relationships between individuals and organizations.

Sales Ratio by Products


Our Customers

Our products are mainly used by companies that commercialize their products by using the latest technology, and are used as their core component parts.

  • 【In Japan】

    AMADA WELD TECH CO., LTD. / Canon Inc. / FUJIFILM Corporation / Hitachi, Ltd. / Hitachi High-Tech Corporation / Honda R&D Co., Ltd. / JEOL Ltd. / Lasertec Corporation / Mitutoyo Corporation / Nikon Corporation / SHIGEMATSU WORKS CO., LTD. / SHIMADZU PRECISION TECHNOLOGY, Ltd. / SUGINO MACHINE LIMITED / THK CO., LTD.
  • 【Overseas】

    ALLTEC GmbH / Cambridge Technology, Inc. / Kupa,Inc. / SIRONA Dental Systems GmbH / Syntech International Inc.


We have opened the NC Factory and production plant in Yachiyo-city, Chiba, Japan in 2003. Ever since then, we have been operating smoothly and improving our production capacity. Furthermore, in 2008, the head office was constructed on the premises of the Yachiyo production plant to renew and to combine head office function and manufacturing function all together.

In parallel, we opened our factory in Guangzhou, China in 2014. Our Guangzhou factory is the key factory to take on the challenge of new fields such as manufacturing high value-added products and mass-produced products.

We are certified under ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.


ISO Certification
We strive to maintain two ISO Certifications.
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