Green Procurement

About Green Procurement Activity

As the member of Citizen Group, Citizen Chiba Precision enforces “Green Procurement Activity” in which we strive to purchase environmentally friendly products, parts, materials and other supplies preferentially from suppliers who engage in environmental activities.


We sincerely appreciate our suppliers for their cooperation and deepen the understanding toward importance of this activity.


Please see “Citizen Group Green Procurement Guidelines” below for more details. (Revised in December 21, 2020)


Citizen Group Green Procurement Guidelines (Revision 12)

We may request following items to be submitted in accordance with the Citizen Group Green Procurement Standards.
Your Citizen Group procurement company will contact you for more details about submission procedures.
For further information, please refer to the Citizen Group Green Procurement Standards.


The Items to be Submitted in Written Form

Please download the following three PDF files.


Certificate of Non-Use of Prohibited Substances

Certificate of Absence of Conditionally Restricted Substance

Survey of Green Procurement and Environmental Activities


Items to be submitted electronically

Information on Contained Chemical Substances in JAMP format (MSDSplus, AIS)

Providing information on contained chemical substances for procurement items

To comply with European REACH regulations and other regulations related to contained chemicals, information regarding chemical substances in procured products is to be submitted using a common format (MSDSplus, AIS), as per Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP). Please click here for details on JAMP.


ISO Certification
We strive to maintain two ISO Certifications.
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