Originated in Chiba, Japan, Citizen Chiba Precision was established in August, 1979 as a manufacturer of Moving Coil Type DC Motors. Since then, we have been working as the experts of miniaturized precision rotary components and bringing new products into the world such as Coreless DC Servo Motors (TORMAX), Miniaturized AC Servo Motors, DC Brushless Motors, Miniaturized Linear Actuators with Exclusive Drivers, Galvanometer Scanners and many others.


With our customers’ high reputations, our products have been adopted to various applications in advanced technologies including Laser Marking Machine, Lithography Machine, and LiDAR. Moreover, it is our great honor that our technological development skills are typified by the number of patents we have granted every time we developed a new product.


In addition to an abundant line-up of standard products, our flagship product is “Custom Order Product”. Based on our “One-to-One Customization” Policy, it ensures to meet the various demands and provides the best suited solutions for our customers.


Progress in modern technology has been far beyond our expectations, and accordingly, market demand has been changing and diversifying drastically. To accommodate such various market demand changes, we organized three different technical fields called “Mechanical”, “Electrical”, and “Optical”, and develop the products by combining the knowledge and experience of each field.


We believe that we can provide the best solutions to every technical problem among customers with our rotary component techniques that we have been accumulating over 30 years and our philosophy to create unique but cutting-edge products.


Our most important mission as a manufacturer is to provide the products with highest quality in most appropriate price to the global market. To fulfill our mission, we have been expanding our factory with latest productive facilities and focusing to improve the skills of our employees.


Since we acquired ISO 9002 Certification in 1999, we strive to update them and now hold ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 Certifications. We will keep maintain those ISO Certifications by improving Quality Assurance System focused on Production Department with deep consideration toward environment.

ISO Certification
We strive to maintain two ISO Certifications.
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