Message from CEO


CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION was established in 1979 in Chiba, Japan, as a manufacturer of Moving Coil Type DC Motors. Since then, we have been working as the experts of miniaturized precision motors to bring new products into the global markets each year and producing customized products which fulfill our customers’ various requirements. Especially in recent years, we have been receiving high praise and have improved our reputation in cutting-edge technology applications such as for semiconductor equipment, medical tools, and laser application products.


The numerous research and development experiences have been integrated into our unique motor and servo technologies, and the extensive experience in developing and manufacturing products with unique and custom features have enhanced and improved both our performance and quality. Our mission is to provide additional values and competitive strengths to our customers’ products and services by utilizing our knowledge, support and technology. To accomplish our mission, we will stay closely connected with our customers around the world, and to learn from them to ensure that we can meet our customers’ requirements, and also to focus on new challenges.


Our basic principle is “Connect/Learn/Utilize”. We will strive to enhance our skills and capabilities to create added value and business growth for our customers and continue to contribute to further development for the world’s brighter future.


Yasuhiro Jeff Nakagawa

ISO Certification
We strive to maintain two ISO Certifications.
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