Galvanometer Optical Scanner
Galvanometer Optical Scanner
Our GVM Series is the high performance and high reliability galvanoscanner (or called as galvanometer/galvanomotor/galvanoscanner motor) with high accurate optical analogue sensor which we newly developed.

Our GVM Series features low inertia, high torque, highly accurate linearity, precise position control, superior temperature drift, minimal humidity effect and made it possible to scan Galvano mirror in high speed and high accurate in wide range. It has been adopted by various laser scanning equipment such as laser marker, laser microscope, image capture, laser trimmer, cutter and drill, non-contact sensor and measure, high-speed printer, laser projector etc.

As shown below, GVM Series has various mirror lineup available in size between φ3mm~φ30mm:

*Galvanoscanner for φ3mm Laser Beam Diameter: GVM-0930S
*Galvanoscanner for φ3mm Laser Beam Diameter: GVM-0930L
*Galvanoscanner for φ5mm Laser Beam Diameter: GVM-1445S
*Galvanoscanner for φ7.5mm Laser Beam Diameter: GVM-1445L
*Galvanoscanner for φ10 mm Laser Beam Diameter: GVM-2260
*Galvanoscanner for φ15 mm Laser Beam Diameter: GVM-2280
*Galvanoscanner for φ20 mm Laser Beam Diameter: GVM-2510

Each galvanoscanner can mount the mirrors other than listed above. Please see the page of "Scanner Selection" in the catalog for more details.
Model No.
Outer Diameter(mm)
Applicable Mirror Size
GVM-1445S 14 20.2 5~7.5
GVM-1445L 14 31.8 7.5~10
GVM-0930S 9.5 15 3~5
GVM-0930L 9.5 21.9 3~5
GVM-2260 22 42 10
GVM-2280 22 42 10~15
GVM-2510 25.4 49 20~30
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