(※)Scanner drawing with GM7 mirror assembly.

Scanner Specifications

Items Unit GVM-0930L
Maximum Scan Angle deg mech. ±20
Rotor Inertia g・cm2 0.018
Coil Resistance Ω 1.9±10%
Coil Inductance mH 0.052±10%
Torque Constant mN・m/A 1.9±10%
Back EMF Voltage mV/deg/sec 0.338±10%
Peak Current A (Max.) 10
Maximum Coil Temperature °C 110
Weight g 18

Dynamic Specifications

Items Unit GVM-0930L
Repeatability µrad 8
Non-Linearity(±10°) % 0.1 (Max.)
Offset Drift typ./ max. µrad/°C 10 (Max.)
Gain Drift typ./ max. ppm/ °C 50 (Max.)
Step Response Time µsec Please see caution(※)below
Output Signal Common Mode µA 421±10%
Differential Mode µA/deg 14.1±10%
Input Signal mA 30±10%
  • (※)All those specifications are assured by using Citizen Chiba servo driver and mirror.
  • (※)All angles are in mechanical degrees.
  • (※)The data including step response time can be provided by preferred combination of mirror size and scanner.
  •            Please contact our sales representatives for more details. (It may not be provided depending on the
  •            combination.)

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