[New Series] The "Technique for Solution" for Brushless Motors has been released

Because of the "Technique for Solution" for galvanometer scanner was highly praised by our customers,

we have released the "Technique for Solution" for brushless motors.


The first chapter of the new series is focusing on the the performance of the motors in general,

and the points to be considerated when selecting a motor.


There is a lot of reason to select a motor such as price, materials, or the difference which is

known by only person who chose it.


This "Technique for Solution" page is dedicated to those who are wondering which motor to choose,

those who are not familiar with motors, and those who would like to study motors.


We hope this will help you. Please read it from the link below.


Difference in Motor Performances 1: Speed / Torque / Size


We would appreciate it if you let us know any opinion and question about our “Technique for Solution”

from “Contact Page” on this website.


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