MALS-D23*## – Standard / cost-effective model

  • (Note)When installing screws on the N type with screwholes, please make sure less than 1Nm of torque is placed upon the actuator rod. If the torque placed upon this part exceeds 1Nm, this will negatively affect the precision of the actuator.
  • (※)Please add -03 to the end of the model number when ordering cables 200mm long.

Motor specifications

Item Unit Model
Stroke mm 10 15 25
Rated thrust kgf 4 4 4
Resolution μm 0.5 0.5 0.5
Maximum speed mm/s 5 5 5
Screw lead mm 0.5 0.5 0.5
Unidirectional repeatable precision μm 10 12 15
Bidirectional repeatable precision μm 15 17 20
Bidirectional positioning precision μm 30 35 50
Average inversion error μm 10 10 15
Limit sensor Hall sensor
Length (L) mm 69 74 84
Weight g 220 225 230
Product diameter mm φ 23 φ 23 φ 23
  • (Note 1)Use the included nuts when installing onto device. Restricting the body during attachment may lead to decreases in precision.
  • (Note 2)Actuators bear the loads of both the direction in which it thrusts and the direction in which it pulls. Please make sure to add precompression load to one of these directions before use, using equipment such as springs. Backlash will occur if precompression load is not in place, leading to decrease in precision. During pre-shipping inspections, we placed 800gf of compression load on the thrust direction when performing precision measurement. Finally, please make sure the load placed on the pull direction during assembly does not exceed the rated thrust.
  • (Note 3)Actuator cables are not flex-resistant. Please contact us if you plan to use them in situations where repetitive flex stress is to be applied to the product.
  • (Note 4)The encoder specifications for this product are 2ch and do not include Z pulse.
  • (Note 5)Please see the page covering terms for the positioning of the point of origin.
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