Motor Specifications

Item Unit Model
Rated output W 20
Rated torque mNm gf-cm oz-in 39.23 400 5.55
Rated Speed rpm 5000
Maximum instantaneous torque mNm(gf-cm) 117.6 (1200)
Power rate w/s 915
Torque constant mNm/A 37.2
Back EMF constant V/krpm 3.9
Number of poles 2
Rotor inertia (GD2/4) g-cm2 16.8
Winding insulation class Class F
Encoder P/R Incremental photoencoder 1000 or 2000
Operating temperature and humidity 0 to 40℃, less than 85% RH (no condensation)
Storage temperature and humidity -20 to 60℃, less than 85% RH (no condensation)
Weight g 310

注   Characteristics assume aluminum heat sink (57 x 57, 5t) has been installed onto the motor flange.

注   The EA-30 Series is not compatible with gear included models.


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