Laser Marking Machines


Laser Marking Machines

Laser Marking Machine engraves the letters onto object or process an object by using the heat of laser beam. It is easy to fade away if printed by ink, or printed labels ended up by coming off. However, Laser Marking Machine can mark to an object including non-flat surfaces and will remain permanent.

Galvanometer Optical Scanner

CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION’s Galvanometer Optical Scanners are the motors that oscillate (not rotate) in wide range angles. With our patented and unique Optical Position Sensor, they work in highly accurate position control with low thermal drift and this has been making our “Galvo” applied to a various laser scanning equipment.

Moreover, by integrating our Coreless Motor and Servomotor techniques that we have been accumulating for many years, we made it possible to scan the laser beam in high speed by optical mirror which is mounted on the top of output axis.

Deformed Mirrors for Galvanometers

Not only a wide variety in shapes and sizes but also we have mirrors based on different materials such as Beryllium and SiC. CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION will customize the mirrors according to your requests and applications.

Please contact our Sales representatives for more details.

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