Semiconductor/FPD Lithography Machines

Lithography Machines

Lithography Machine exposes circuit patterns. There are various types of lithography machines in the world but our linear actuators are applied to Lithography Machines for FPD and Semiconductor currently.

FPD is the abbreviation for “Flat Panel Display” which is most frequently used for smart phones, tablet computers, and flat TV. Lithography Machine for FPD exposes the circuit pattern called TFT onto a glass plate which mainly controls the colors of display.

Lithography Machine for Semiconductor exposes electric circuit pattern to silicon wafer which will be the semiconductor parts installed to all electronic devices.

Both machines are consist of precision parts to expose extremely small circuit pattern in nanometers.

Linear Actuator

Because it only generates low heat when servo is locked, our small size but high-thrust Linear Actuator with AC Servo Motor allows to use in environments where the temperature change is not acceptable. And also, it achieved high position repeatability and response.

Lithography Machine for FPD requires endurance of high speed scanning and long life, and our Linear Actuator accomplished both at the same time. Therefore it’s been applying for a long time from the second generation panel to the latest wide panel. Moreover, because this application requires environmental performance in inside of the lithography machine, the motors for low out-gas and clean room are also available.

Besides Linear Actuators, our Coreless Motors, Brushless Motors, and AC Servo Motors are applied to other parts of lithography machines as well.


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