LiDAR is the abbreviation for “Light Detection and Ranging” or “Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging”. It is the method to measure the distance against an object, or analyze the behavior of an object, by sending pulsed laser irradiations.

The vertical motion of laser irradiation is scanned by galvanometer scanner which drives in high speed, and the horizontal motion is scanned by 360-degree rotating stage. LiDAR makes 3-D representations by capturing the reflected laser irradiation by detector.

Galvanometer Optical Scanner

CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION’s Galvanometer Optical Scanner achieved low jitter and high speed scanning by combining our original techniques of (1) capacitance sensor with high position accuracy, (2) ±20 mechanical angle in wide range, and (3) servo technique. Those unique techniques made our “Galvo” applied to a various LiDAR equipment.

Deformed Mirrors for Galvanometer Scanner

Not only a wide variety in shapes and sizes but also we have mirrors based on different materials such as Beryllium and SiC. We will customize the mirrors according to our customers requests and applications.

Please contact our Sales representatives for more details.


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