Confocal Microscopes

Confocal Microscope

Confocal microscope is an observation microscope with high resolution comparing to average optical microscopes. It detects an object by dots and makes 2D picture by connecting the dots.

Because it is possible to construct 3D data, including objects with rough surfaces, it can take an image of surface layer with cross section. And also, it is possible to observe cross-sectional imaging because it has resolution to Z direction.

Galvanometer Scanner

Our galvanometer scanner has high position repeatability and it is perfect for scanning type microscopes because it stabilizes observing position to obtain highly accurate observation result. This is why our galvanometer scanner is applied to a various confocal microscopes.

Deformed Mirrors for Galvanometer

Not only a wide variety in shapes and sizes but also we have mirrors based on different materials such as Beryllium and SiC. We are happy to customize the mirrors according to your request and applications.

Please contact our Sales representatives for more details.


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