Railway Track Measuring Devices

Railway Track Measuring Devices

Railway Track Measuring Device detects errors and distortions on “Shinkansen” bullet trains’ railway tracks.

It irradiates pulsed laser lights to the surface of railway tracks by Galvanometer Scanner Mirror, and the Optical Railway Displacement Sensor calculates the distance between sensor and railway tracks by reflected laser lights which vary in sizes from small to large.

Galvanometer Optical Scanner

Galvanometer scanner controls the mirror position to keep laser lights to irradiate to the surface of railway tracks constantly. The pulsed laser lights irradiate about 1,000 beams per second. Even reflected laser lights from railway tracks need to be put back to optical source through the mirror, the mirror is customized to a rectangle along the railway tracks.

This 100% customized galvanometer scanner structure including deformed mirror with high linearity is applied to this application.

Deformed Mirrors for Galvanometers

Not only a wide variety in shapes and sizes but also we have mirrors based on different materials such as Beryllium and SiC. We will customize the mirrors according to our customers requests and applications.

Please contact our Sales representatives for more details.


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