OCT is the abbreviation for “Optical Coherence Tomography”. It is an imaging method to make a picture on internal structure of an object by using coherent light with high resolution and high speed. Mainly it is used for medical application to capture the image of body parts in variable size and shapes, such as fundus, skins, and blood vessels, by high definition.

Galvanometer Optical Scanner

By developing our original technique of highly accurate position sensor which is superior in temperature changes, made it possible to control by unprecedented high position accuracy. And also, our “Galvo” achieved to scan precisely by high speed raster scanning and with these features, our “Galvo” is adopted to a various OCT equipment.

Moreover, the features accomplished to miniaturize the motor which means our customers do not need to struggle with sizes when designing their equipment.

Deformed Mirrors for Galvanometer

Not only a wide variety in shapes and sizes but also we have mirrors based on different materials such as Beryllium and SiC. CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION will customize the mirrors according to your request and applications.

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