Wafer Dicing Machines

Wafer Dicing Machine

Wafer Dicing Machine cuts the wafers into individual chips one by one. It cuts a silicon wafer by attaching a blade to spindle and make the blade drive in high speed (60,000 rpm).

It is possible to make flexible blades tight by driving the spindle at high speed. And also, it is possible to reduce the cutting width and increase the number of chips per unit area on the silicon wafer.

Brushless Motor

Because this application requires small size, high power, low thermal expansion, and good response against the load fluctuation, our Built-in Type Brushless Motor is applied to a various wafer dicing machines.

Our original technique to reduce the heat by iron loss is used to rotor parts. And also, water cooling function and molding by high thermal conduction for cooling is used to stator parts.


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