Robotic Exoskeletons

Robotic Exoskeletons

Robotic Exoskeleton is the wearable device which aid and support the human body works such as lifting up or carrying heavy objects in a half-crouching position.

It assists back, thighs, and shoulders which get stresses by manual labor. Besides nursing care, it is used to reduce labor load in medical works such as rehabilitation, welfare, and surgery which make surgeons standing for long hours.

This Robotic Exoskeleton now has expanded to wider opportunities in many areas such as logistic field, factory field, and agricultural field other than medical field.


WDS is the abbreviation for Wave Drive System. We accomplished to make this motor flat with high power and extremely light in weight to the utmost limit. It reduces a wearer’s weight load by designing it light in weight, and does not disturb arm swings by making it flat in width.

By mounting an encoder for feedback, it enables the motor control to conform human motion and this made our WDS to apply to a various robotic exoskeleton.


Size    :75mm x 52mm
Weight   :700g
Power Source :150W
Control     :Position and torque control
Momentary Maximum Torque :42Nm
Maximum Speed :68 rpm

・Supported IP44
・Resolution for Encoder : One Million Pulse/revolution(Output shaft conversion)


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