Electron Microscopes

Electron Microscope

Electron Microscopes called SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) and TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) carry the highest magnification in the world which uses short waves of electron beams instead of light to observe small objects in several nanometers.

These microscopes are used in advanced science studies in all over the world such as biomedical and material development at state institutions, research laboratories and universities.

In this application, stage positioning is one of the most important functions to confirm the small objects and our Linear Actuator enables to position the stage by a resolution of 0.1 nanometer.

AC Servo Motor and Linear Actuator

To achieve highly accurate position repeatability, small hysteresis is very important factor. By combining with servo driver, we succeeded 1 nanometer position resolution.

Moreover, we accomplished 0.1 nanometer resolution by newly developed linear actuator and simplified mechanism.


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