Relevant Optical Disk Equipment

Optical Disk Initializer

Optical Disk Initializer initializes all the data on optical recording disks such as CD, DVD, and BD, by laser irradiation and make recording film crystalized in high speed.

BCA Code Recorder

BCA Code Recorder records BCA (Burst Cutting Area) Code to DVD or BD disks for copy protections.

Spindle Motor with Optical Disk Clamp Mechanism

Spindle Motor with Optical Disk Clamp Mechanism has three types of clamps: mechanical clamp type, magnetic clamp type, and air suction clamp type. We designed to combine spindle and motor in one and made it miniaturized and light weighted to reduce PRO and NRRO.

And also, by installing high resolution encoder with minimum eccentricity to the slotless brushless motor, we achieved to make less than 0.01% rotational jitta accuracy by using exclusive control driver. Our spindle motors are applied to the most of initialization and inspection devices in this field.

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