Lens Edger

Lens Edger

Lens Edger processes lenses for glasses and goggles. Because those glasses and goggles have diversified in designs as fashion items, this device processes the lenses to match with wide variety of frames.

Special chamfering and groove processing are used to be called as ‘Proficient high technique’ in the past but Lens Edger processes lenses without these skills in a short time and automatically nowaday.

Coreless DC Motor・Brushless Motor

Because it changes processing conditions according to materials and shapes of the parts, Lens Edger can be used in wide speed range in between several thousands to several tens of thousands rpm. Our Coreless DC Motors are applied to this application because they are outstanding in response and molded in high-strength to drive in high power.

In the meantime, our brushless motor are designed to reduce the heat generation to the utmost limit by using special stator structure. Because of this structural feature makes long term life, brushless motor application is also increasing.

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