Cancer Treatment Machines

Cancer Treatment Machine

Cancer treatment machine treats cancer cell or tumor by irradiation.

Our motors are applied to a machine that converge irradiation on tumor by making the shape of tumor visible by moving 40 to 200 pieces of shutter called ‘multiple leaf collimators’. This latest treatment reduces dose of irradiation to normal tissue around tumor.

Geared Coreless DC Motor

Our Geared Coreless DC Motors with ultra-miniaturized magnetic type encoders are applied to irradiation device installed to cancer treatment machine to move and control multiple leaf collimators. The 13 mm small diameter motors decide positions swiftly and replicate the shape of tumor precisely for three dimensional irradiation and rotational irradiation.

Servo Drivers

We also developed servo driver which can control maximum 40 axes of coreless motors by Ethernet and it is already applied to the various machines.

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